Aperio Press

Aperio, a joint venture of the University of Virginia Library and the University of Virginia Press, draws upon the strengths of the University to increase open access to knowledge for a global audience in a variety of formats –journals, monographs, conferences, open educational resources, etc.

Operated by the University of Virginia Library, Aperio Journals publishes discipline-leading, high-quality open access journals that are freely and immediately available online. By removing price and permission barriers for readers everywhere we increase the dissemination, visibility, accessibility, and impact of research and scholarship across the disciplines.

We recognize that no institution can afford to provide access to all of the literature that readers need. The high cost of journal subscriptions not only functions to artificially limit the accessibility of articles, it also decreases their potential research impact. Therefore, we make all of our articles freely available with little or no restrictions on reuse. This will increase the dissemination and impact of our authors’ work, foster collaboration among researchers and scholars, and promote further inquiry.

Aperio Journals’s Advisory Board, a transdisciplinary group of well-respected UVA scholars, ensures the academic integrity of our publications. Journals are edited by distinguished experts in their respective fields, so that publications are held to disciplinary standards, such as rigorous peer review.


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