Arc Humanities Press

Arc Humanities Press (Arc) operates as a specialist ALP (“academic-led press”), with a focus on premodern studies, in partnership with Amsterdam University Press (AUP). It was established as the publishing arm of the learned society for medieval studies worldwide, CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network, and comprises a dozen acquisitions and publishing experts from around the world.

In partnering with AUP, Arc offers all the advantages of continental Europe’s largest university press, including worldwide distribution, whilst offering authors the benefits of dealing with a highly motivated team of medieval and early modern specialists.

All publications are fully peer-reviewed, evaluated in turn by both Arc and AUP before being allowed to enter production. Arc specializes in global pre-modern history, reference books, and public understanding of the past, as well as “edgy” research into medieval and early-modern studies. Together Arc and AUP contract 125 scholarly titles a year in late antique, medieval, and early modern studies, and in related humanities research such as digital humanities and cultural heritage.

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