Open SUNY Textbooks

Open SUNY Textbooks is a one service of SUNY OER Services, a SUNY service that provides mentoring, technical support, and access to a broad catalog of open textbooks to help incorporate OER into the classroom, lower the cost of higher education, and empower faculty.

  • We offer campuses user-friendly technology to adopt, adapt, and tailor existing OER for individual needs, as well as providing guidance for creating and distributing new materials.
  • We partner with local practitioners for workshops on incorporating OER in the classroom; using and remixing content; and understanding open licensing.
  • We help campuses work with stakeholders, such as student government organizations, to build sustainable practices around OER.
  • We offer assessment practices to measure the change that OER brings.
  • We connect institutions with opportunities for recognition, research, and publication related to OER.

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