Paperbuzz provides a programmatic API showing how often a scholarly article was mentioned around the web.

The primary source of data is the Crossref Event Data API.

Paperbuzz downloads data from the API often, consolidating events into a database.

An example API call used to gather data is:,until-collected-date:2099-01-01,obj-id:10.1371/journal.pone.0177707 Metadata comes from oaDOI (Unpaywall) and Crossref, with example metadata calls being:

You may sometimes see a difference in the amount events between Crossref and Paperbuzz, due to the way Paperbuzz handles Wikipedia events. Paperbuzz handles Wikipedia events differently in two ways.

First, if a source is cited multiple times on a single page, then that is recognized as a single event in Paperbuzz. Crossref would count that as multiple independent events.
Second, is that Paperbuzz does not save events that are on a pages marked as old revisions.

The way Crossref handles wikipedia events can be found here:

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