The National Archives of Sweden is the leading archival institution in Sweden and has also the supervision of public records deposited by all state agencies. The National Archive is commissioned by law to preserve, organise and care for these records in order to uphold the legal right of access to public records in the pursuit of justice, continuity of public administration, and facilitating of research. In this role the National Archives will disseminateand exploit the results of PREFORMA as a part of its legal task, including its right to give regulations for preservation of public records.

As a cultural heritage institution the National Archives also will spread the knowledge of the tools and services developed by PREFORMA to other memory institutions in Sweden (e g libraries, museums). This will be done through the special secretariat for coordination of digitisation, on line access and digital preservation in the culture heritage sector that the National Archives has organised on behalf of the Swedish Ministry of Culture.

The National Library of Sweden, a partner in the PREFORMA project, is also taking part in this coordination. The National Archives has as a special task to pursue research and cooperate with the universities and other parts of scientific community. Also in this context the NationalArchives will disseminate and exploit PREFORMA outcomes.


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