Encyclopedia is an online reference created and curated by active scholars. It aims to highlight the latest research results as well as providing benchmark information for researchers and the general public interested in accurate and advanced knowledge on specific topics.

We encourage authors of review articles to quote and adapt the content of their published papers to create Encyclopedia entries. Introduction sections of original research articles can also be used to create entries. You can also create completely new entries on topics in which you have knowledge and expertise. In particular, papers can be both submitted for publication in an MDPI journal and simultaneously used to create one or more Encyclopedia entries.

Researchers can also create Encyclopedia entries ahead of journal publication. Your entry may also be used as a basis for creating a Special Issue in any MDPI journal, please contact our editorial office for further details.

Contributors will receive credit for creating entries, in addition to expanding, updating and correcting existing entries. All contributions to Encyclopedia will be noted on the page of the entry and each contributor will have a public profile showing their activity.

Entries related to paper published in MDPI journals will be listed and linked on the abstract page of the published paper.