OTX provides a conversion server from .doc or .odt files to XML-TEI integrated with Lodel 1.0.
OTX is free software. It is released under the terms of the GPL version 2. See LICENSE file in this repository.
OTX is maintained by OpenEdition.



Citation.js converts formats like BibTeX, Wikidata JSON and BibJSON to CSL-JSON to convert to other formats like APA, Vancouver, RIS and back to BibTeX.

  • Conversion from: BibTeX, CFF, DOI, ISBN and Wikidata;
  • Conversion to: CSL-JSON, BibTeX, CFF, RIS;
  • citeproc-js support with preloaded styles and locales
  • Modular approach, pick supported formats
  • Support for Node.js, browser, and has a CLI
  • MIT licensed