Couperin, digital publications

The Couperin consortium (Consortium unified academic and research institutions for access to digital publications) is a non-profit association funded by membership fees and subsidized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
The missions of Couperin

    • Collect and analyze the document needs of its members
    • Evaluate , negotiate and arrange the purchase of digital information resources for the benefit of its members
    • Develop a network of national skills and exchanges for electronic documentation especially regarding acquisitions

policies, collection development plans, information systems, billing models publishers, the access ergonomics, the usage statistics

  • Contributing to clarify and to change the relationship contract with the publishers.
  • Contribute to the development of a content offering Francophone.
  • Work to improve scientific communication and promote the development of non-commercial systems of Scientific and Technical Information (STI) by developing appropriate tools.
  • Develop expertise and assessment of documentary information systems and their tools as well as these integration processes within the information systems of institutions, consistent with the other institutions in charge of development and implementation of information systems in the world of Higher Education and Research.
    Foster national cooperation , European and international in the field of documentation and electronic publications.