PACKED vzw is center of expertise on digital heritage, PACKED vzw contributes to the creation of a reliable, high-quality, sustainable and accessible digital memory.

PACKED vzw is a non-profit organisation that has grown from a platform organisation for the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts into a centre of expertise for digital cultural heritage, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Flemish Community.

PACKED plays a key role in Flanders and Brussels in developing and disseminating expertise in digitisation and digital archiving. PACKED aims at improving and safeguarding the quality and efficiency of actions with regard to digitisation and digitalarchiving within the broader field of cultural heritage, but still has a strong interest in the preservation of digital media art.

PACKED is not only active in Flanders and Belgium, but also on a European and international level. PACKED is actively involved in the family of projects surrounding Europeana, such as Digitising Contemporary Art, AthenaPlus and EuropeanaSpace.