WILS database of women in science

Women in Life Science database

Database featuring female life scientists in Europe

The database aims to help scientists, universities, research institutions, political institutions, conference organizers and journal editors to identify appropriately qualified women scientists:

as candidates for professorships and other positions
to speak at conferences and in seminar programmes
to participate in advisory groups, on monitoring panels, committees and commissions
to review manuscripts, to write commissioned reviews and to serve on the editorial boards of journals.

Users can search for keywords, cities, institutions, etc., and filter records by research area, position, or country. Please note that “position” refers to the general career stage of the expert, in order to avoid confusion over employment titles across European nations.

The database was an initiative of the ELSO Career Development Committee and is supported by EMBO and FEBS. It is managed by Karla Neugebauer, Group Leader Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany.