Free Journal Network

What is the Free Journal Network?

The purpose of this network is to promote scholarly journals run according to the Fair Open Access model (roughly, journals that are controlled by the scholarly community, and have no financial barriers to readers and authors – see the Fair Open Access Principles for full details). Such journals have a long history. Many are of high procedural quality, but are less well known than commercial journals of similar or lower quality.

One main aim of this network is to help such journals to coordinate their efforts and share best practices in order to strengthen the ecosystem of independent journals and service providers. Such efforts are complementary to the work of discipline-based organizations such as LingOA, MathOA, PsyOA, and the overarching FOAA, that focus primarily on converting commercially controlled subscription journals to Fair Open Access. All these organizations aim to demonstrate that the Fair Open Access model is superior to the model of subscription journals owned by commercial publishers.

FJN is a membership organization with no financial requirement for membership. Members are expected to contribute by sharing best practices.