JMIRx ( is a new journal series (launched end of 2019) and new type of journal, which we call “superjournals”.

Superjournals (a type of “overlay” journal) are sitting on top of preprint servers and offer peer-review and copyediting/archiving/indexing, thus do everything a “normal” journal does, except that authors no longer have to submit their manuscript to a journal – instead, our acquisition and review editors find the papers they want to publish and extend conditional offers of publication to interesting articles published in Preprint servers, as well as soliciting reviews and commentaries.

In addition to the “editorial prospecting” workflow, authors can also self-nominate their existing preprints for publication (which is the equivalent to a traditional journal submission), without going through another submission process. If superjournals ask for revisions, these revisions are also uploaded to the Preprint server.