Authorea is the leading collaborative platform to read, write, and publish research.

Authorea is founded in late 2012 with the mission of accelerating scientific discovery.
We were frustrated that other writing tools didn’t fully understand the needs of researchers — especially researchers in a web-first world — and we wondered why the internet age hadn’t yet delivered a modern toolset for scientific collaboration.

Authorea is the document editor we always wanted.

AU Press

AU Press has cultivated a strong list of publications in the areas of distance education, labour studies, Métis and Indigenous studies, gender studies, and the environment. However, we welcome superior works of scholarship, regardless of subject area. We also have a particular interest in often neglected forms of social and cultural history, including oral history and memoir, and in works that are broadly iconoclastic—that experiment with narrative form and/or challenge received wisdom. For a list of our series, please visit our series page.

Open Access

In keeping with Athabasca University’s mission of overcoming barriers to education, AU Press is committed to the open access dissemination of scholarship to readers around the world.