Tainacan is a powerful and flexible repository platform for WordPress. Manage and publish you digital collections as easily as publishing a post to your blog, while having all the tools of a professional repository platform.

Tainacan consists of four modules that can help manage repositories, ontologies, documents and museums.


“Metadata and Filters”: Use a metadata standard or choose whatever set of metadata you want to describe the items in your collections. Also, choose which metadata will be used as a filter when browsing the collection
Faceted Search. Browse your collection (and let the public browse it) using a faceted search interface with the filters you have chosen.

“Manage Taxonomies”: Manage vocabularies that can be used accross all your collections.

“Themes”: Tainacan has its own default theme, that helps you present your collections in a beautiful and effective way, but will also work with any WordPress theme. For developers, it will be easy to add tainacan specific features to an existing theme.

“API and Interoperability”: Tainacan implements a RESTful API (read and write) to allow other applications to interact with your repository. Expose you collection in different formats, such as Json, JsonLD, OAI-PMH and others. If your collection have a specific set of metadata, you can map your metadata to match the standards you want to use.


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