WikiJournals publishes a set of open-access, peer-reviewed academic journals with no publishing costs to authors. Its goal is to provide free, quality-assured knowledge. Secondly, it aims to bridge the Academia-Wikipedia gap by enabling expert contributions in the traditional academic publishing format to improve Wikipedia content.

The WikiJournals publishing group functions to sheppard articles through academic peer review for stable, citeable versions, whose content can potentially benefit Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. The WikiJournals are created with the purpose of communicating important, high quality, reviewed, research to the world. They are intermediate between Wikipedia pages and Review articles in traditional peer-reviewed journals. For example a Wikipedia page can be taken and reviewed and edited to fit into a journal-like format. This is done without thought of formal “impact factor”, although ‘CV citation value’ is taken into count, but to take the “anyone edits” philosophy in Wikipedia to a consistent, definitive, reliable snapshot of knowledge produced through mass collaboration.

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